Our Mission

The mission of the Joe Allegrini Children's Hero Fund is to raise awareness about child abuse and provide funding for entities that aid and serve abused children.

Join us in our fight to end child abuse

Your contribution will help us carry out awareness campaigns and provide funding for direct services that help these children.

our purpose is simple...END CHILD ABUSE!

our purpose is simple...

While the task itself might not be simple, the plan is...RAISE AWARENESS at every opportunity about how child abuse affects children, how it affects children as they become adults and how it all affects society as a whole.

It's time to start REALLY TALKING about this worldwide epidemic which is, oftentimes, silently plaguing so many of our children. If our children don't know it's wrong and they don't know they can tell someone, they won't. And they will stay silent. And that's exactly how their perpetrators want it.


  • Groom children by building trust with the child (and parent) to gain alone time;
  • Can continue the grooming process and access to child for years so that disclosure of abuse is less likely and/or less believable; and
  • Keep children silent with gifts, favoritism, threats, fear, manipulation and other tactics;
  • Can be child abuse survivors themselves.

It is time to break this painful cycle of abuse and betrayal and HONESTLY talk to our kids because THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW:

  • No one can touch you that way AND you can't touch others that way;
  • If someone does or tries to do those things to you, tell. Keep telling until someone believes you and does something about it!

Let's raise children who aren’t scared or embarrassed to talk about this subject; who have the self-esteem to know they haven’t done anything wrong; who don’t need to be ashamed if they have been abused and…together–as children, parents and community–we can begin to destroy the power offenders wield over children!

We CANNOT stay silent for another moment

No child is immune to physical and sexual abuse and its terrifying cycle. But they can be informed. And that is a huge step in helping to break that cycle.

For more information on what you can do, stay tuned to our page as it evolves and we continue to grow our cause.

And thank you for being here.

If you suspect child abuse, please call 911 or your local emergency number